Server space
» 5000 MB included:
Your hosting account comes with 5000 MB disk space on the server.
You can transfer files with an FTP program or the File Manager.

» About 150,000 pages:
5000 MB would let you store more than 150,000 ordinary pages.
If you run out of space you really need a dedicated server for the site.
» 300 GB included:
Your hosting account comes with 300 GB transfer/month.
This capacity covers your site and email traffic.

» About 10,000,000 page views:
300 GB would cover about 10,000,000 ordinary page views per month.
If you need more traffic you really need a dedicated server for your site.

» Traffic reports for web, ftp and mail:
You get very detailed traffic reports from the user panel.
Industry leading control panels
All accounts come with one of two industry leading control panels.

» Ensim -

» Site Owners:
You can manage all aspects of your hosting account from the control panel.
See detailed visitor statistics, create databases, manage mail, etc.
Try the site owner demo and see all the details!

» User / Mail accounts:
Users that you create, have access to their own panels.
The site owner does not need to update users passwords and information.
Try the user demo and see all the details!

» CPanel -

CPanel integrates all of its controls into one interface and is very easy to use.
Try the user demo and see all the details!

Please remember that every feature available in the demo may not be available in our version due to security concerns.
» Traffic reports:
The site owner panel gives you very detailed traffic reports.
Traffic is measured for "web", "mail", "ftp" and "remote access".

» Visitor Stats:
Analog stats show weekly and all-time summary of "web" and "ftp" traffic.
Webalizer stats show daily, monthly and long term details and graphs.

» Log file access:
You can access and download raw visitor logfiles.
Log rotation can be customized with the Log Manager.
Mail features
» 50 Mail User Accounts
You can create up to 50 mail accounts on your hosting plan.
Each account gets an email account (POP3+IMAP) and a webmail login.

» Unlimited mail aliases, forward and delivery rules
Mail sent to sales@example.com can be delivered to 5 different users.
Or me@example.com and you@example.com can be delivered to one mailbox.
You can forward to external mail addresses or to members of a mailinglist.
You can define auto-responders & vacation messages.

» Virus scanning and spam filtering
All mails are scanned for spam and virus before they reach your mailbox.
Virus & Spam filter
» +20.000 known viruses filtered:
All incoming mail is scanned for more than 20.000 known viruses.

» Spam filtering based on content of the mail:
All mail is scanned for words and syntax to filter out spam.

» Spam filtering based on known spam servers:
We filter mail from servers listed in known spammer databases.

» Custom spam filter:
You can customize the spam settings with the user panel.
You can block email addresses, entire domains or IP's.
You can define the required score to be recognized as spam.
You can also disable spam scanning entirely if you prefer.
Auto Installed Scripts
You can install complex features with little or no technical skills.
The following open source scripts can be installed in seconds!

» osCommerce - Online Store
A full featured shopping cart with product listings, checkout system, etc.

» Gallery - Photo Album Management System
Maintain an online photo album - No skills required.

» PHP-Nuke - Content Management System
Use this to create advanced websites with little or no technical skills.

» PostNuke - Content Management System
PostNuke is similar to PHP-Nuke but with a different technical "engine".

» PhpBB - Forum
This is one of the most popular forum scripts on the internet.

» Invision - Forum
Similar to PhpBB but with a different technical "engine"

» b2 Weblog - Blog/Diary Script
Run an online diary or use it for a "news" section.

» Crafty Syntax - Live Help Chat System
Offer live chat on your web page - as simple as it gets!

» PHPOpenChat - Web Chatrooms
Let multiple users gather in chatrooms on your web site.

» PHP Support Tickets - Support Ticket Database System
Let users post support tickets that you or your staff can monitor and answer.

» PHPLinks - Yahoo Style Link Catalogue
A link farm with full search capabilities - build your own Yahoo.

» PHP Web Calendar - Online Calendar
Share a calendar online with or without login protection.

» PHProjekt - Online Project Management
Coordinate group projects, timelines and shared documents.

FrontPage Extensions
» Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions :
You can use FrontPage to create and publish Web site content.
Pages can be published to your site directly from FrontPage.

» FrontPage Extension Permission Management Interface
You can change the FrontPage Administrator user name or password
using the FrontPage Extension Permission Management Interface.

To learn more about FrontPage, visit Microsoft's documentation.
» Perl:
Perl is a scripting language often used for guestbooks or form mailers.
There are thousands of free perl scripts available on the web.

» Php:
PHP is an HTML embedded scripting language often used for forums.
There are thousands of free php scripts that you can install.

» SSI - Server Side Includes:
With SSI you can then embed text files into your HTML pages.
Makes it extremely easy to update a menu across 200 pages!
MySQL databases
» Databases at your fingertips:
You can create databases from the site owner panel.

» PhpMyAdmin login included:
Create, edit and delete databases from a simple web interface.
A life saver for the beginner and a time saver for the expert.

» MySQL command line access:
You can login to your databases using a command line interface.
You can use this feature to create and restore database backups.
SSH/Telnet server login
» Remote server login:
You can connect to the server as if you were at a server terminal.
You can use this to copy/edit files and folders and many other things.

» SSH - The secure way:
With SSH (Secure Shell) traffic is protected by 128 bits encryption.

» Telnet - The outdated and insecure way:
Telnet is an outdated and insecure method that has been replaced by SSH.
User accounts
» 50 User accounts included:
From the site owner panel you can create user accounts.
Each user has a User panel, mail account and FTP login (optional).

» User panel
The User panel is where users can change password, get usage stats,
define mail aliases and setup auto-responders for their email.

» Mail accounts:
Each user account comes with a personal mail account.
They can use a mail program or webmail to read and send mail.

» FTP login (optional):
Users can have their own folders within your server space.
A simple way to share accounts with co-workers, friends or family.
Freedom and Security
» Jailed user environments:
Each account is setup in a jailed environment.
In fact - each account is added to the system as if it was a dedicated server.
User A can't escape out of his root file system and look into user B's files.

» Multiple installations:
Webmail, Majordomo, etc. are installed on each hosting account.
This gives you the freedom to customize them to fit your needs.
Automated Backups
» Automated backups of sites and databases:
You can define scheduled backups from the site owner panel.
The backups can be made at your site or at a remote server.
You can also download backups of the entire site to your computer.

Price & Payment
» Annual and quarterly payments:
You can sign up for 12 months at $7.50/month.
You can sign up for 3 months at $9.95/month.

» Online credit card payments only:
We accept both Visa and Mastercard for online payments.
We do not accept checks or bank wire transfers.
Our way of keeping administrative costs at a minimum.
Free 24/7 support
» 24 hours a day - 7 days a week:
Our staff is available around the clock to help you.

Customer support is where we really stand out from the competition!
Our technical staff is known for the extended support we give.

We don't have 12 trained monkeys quoting "The server is okay".

Our support staff know exactly what they're doing both with respect to server maintenance but also in different practical areas of web design.

We obviously can't prove that it's true - but we will live up to it!

» Our guarantee:
We respond to most of our customer's requests within 2 hours.
For complex issues our guarantee is: never more than 24 hours.
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